How do paper bags help the environment?

Recently, in various outlets, you can see a paper bag as a packaging material . It can be made from brown or white kraft paper. Depending on the size, they are used for packaging various products, from groceries to industrial goods. In addition, paper bags with a logo give manufacturers the opportunity to promote their own advertising, which costs them almost nothing in the end. No less popular are paper shoppers to buy in Ukraine , which are offered in almost every supermarket or department store.

Why are paper bags needed?

Ecological shopping is one of the trends that is popular among consumers who understand its environmental impact. Such packaging becomes in demand due to various circumstances. The first and most important reason is the need to respect the environment. The widespread introduction of plastic into the life of a modern layman has led to the fact that recently on almost all streets and on the roadsides outside the city you can see a huge amount of garbage from polyethylene and other materials.

Plastic bags are convenient enough to use, but they have proven deadly to the planet’s ecology. That is why the return to paper has become the lifeline that helps keep the state of the environment afloat. After all, if polyethylene decomposes under natural conditions for at least 100-150 years, then 2-3 years will be enough for a paper bag. At the same time, most of the waste products of this type are subject to secondary processing and the production of new packaging material. The production process itself involves the use of technologies that also do not bring any harm to the environment.

In addition, the use of paper packaging has many other advantages, namely:

  • compactness and light weight;
  • a huge variety of formats and sizes;
  • excellent user qualities – breathability, creating ideal conditions for storing products of any kind;
  • relatively low price;
  • versatility – products can be used for food, industrial products, medicines, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Equally important is the possibility of applying various images to the surface of paper bags – both consisting of several colors and monochrome. Modern printing techniques allow you to customize products in a short time.

Varieties of paper bags

These products would not be so popular if they were not made in different sizes and configurations. Buyers have access to a really huge selection of products of this kind, which allows them to pack, transport and store all kinds of products.

Products of this type are divided according to different parameters. First of all, according to the specifics of the material used. Usually it is a white coated version, which can be painted in different shades. The so-called craft bags are also extremely in demand – brown models that are very popular for use as gift wrapping. Laminating the surface of individual models significantly increases the service life of such bags, because in this case they are not susceptible to moisture and withstand ultraviolet rays very well.

Paper bags may or may not have handles made from twisted or plain paper. The Borsa company offers to buy them in large and small wholesale. The production time of the order is no more than 3-5 working days.

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