Green Cleaning Service

Eco-friendly solutions for your needs

Green cleaning only makes sense when it comes to keeping your home safe and free from germs and harsh chemicals. Many professional cleaning companies claim to offer green home cleaning products and services, but have they ever told you what green cleaning products they actually use? At Molly Maid, we don’t label a toxic cleaner “green” just because it’s in a recycling container. We strive to be as transparent as possible and provide cleaning solutions that best suit our customers’ needs then visit Our professional house cleaners will be happy to introduce you to our products and practices.

Molly Maid’s Commitment to Cleanliness

We’re committed to helping you find the right balance between protecting the environment and maintaining a clean, healthy home. By introducing you to cleaning products and industry standards, we can help you determine the best cleaning solution for your home.

To help you maintain a healthy indoor environment, many of our cleaning products are free of toxins, petroleum, ammonia and alcohol.Molly Maid also supports established businesses promoting green cleaning. We recognize that small steps like this can make a big difference together. We strive to create flexible and customized green house cleaning programs that provide an honest approach to professional cleaning services.

Customized green cleaning service

While some of the disinfectants we use are the best way to stop germs and other germs, we are happy to use eco-friendly products upon request. Whether that means using sanitizer in just one room and natural products in others, or rotating our products between rooms, our professional house cleaners can work with you and update your customization as needed cleaning plan.

Green Cleaning Tips

Our environmentally friendly products and practices protect our planet, our residential stewards and our valued customers. We’re eager to share some green home cleaning tips with you.

While the idea of ​​using green cleaning products sounds simple, it’s actually hard to get products that are as effective as chemical products. Therefore, our solutions use disinfectants in an environmentally friendly way. For example, if bleach is required in one of our services, we will balance it with products that are free of toxic chemicals. That’s Molly Maid’s green cleaning philosophy.We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy, happy family. That’s why we recommend using some disinfectant cleaners on a regular basis. Our professional house cleaners can work with you to develop a process that benefits both the environment and your home.

Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products

Not only is green cleaning less negative for our health, it’s also better for the world around us. Switching from traditional cleaning products to greener ones can help reduce pollution in waterways and air.In more scientific terms, using green cleaning products can minimize your impact on the environment. That’s because, unlike smog-producing chemicals, green products don’t deplete the ozone layer or exacerbate global climate change problems.Most green cleaning products also use recyclable packaging to minimize waste.Green cleaning services are safer for the environment and people. It’s also a more sustainable way to clean in the long run. Because of these health and environmental benefits, many people are now looking for greener cleaning methods.

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