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Different Types of Snips Tools

A snips tool can be used for various purposes, enabling it to deliver a high standard of work across many projects.

Different types of snip tools are best suited to different tasks and project demands. Choosing the right tool ensures a smooth and effective workflow while optimising your project results and reducing time and work demands. 

Want to learn more about the different snips tools and which option is the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know.

Three main designs

There are three main types of snips tools, which are suitable for various applications. These designs are straight-cut snips, left-cut snips, and right-cut snips.

Straight-cut snips

Straight-cut snips tools are designed to make a straight or slightly curved cut. Usually featuring yellow handles, these tools cut the length of the blade, making them well-suited to cutting edge-sheet notches. Most often, straight-cut snips are used when both sides of an item must remain level. They work well for cutting light materials and soft metals but are unsuitable for cutting tough metal sheets.

Left-cut snips

Left-cut snips tools are able to cut straight lines or lines that curve to the left. These tools feature angled blades that allow for a tight curve. Usually, colour-coded red, left-cut snips place waste materials to the left while cutting in a smooth, curving motion. They are suited to light materials and soft-metal cutting. 

Right-cut snips

Right-cut snips tools are designed to cut straight or in tight curves or aches to the right. Placing waste materials to the right while cutting, these tools suit light materials and soft metals when a curving motion is required. Right-cut snips are usually colour-coded green.

Other snips tools

Beyond the three main types of snips tools, there are several other options on the market. 

Long-cut snips

Long-cut snips feature longer blades, making them a good choice for making long, straight cuts across large pieces of material. These tools can also accommodate curved cuts to the left or right. Like straight-cut snips, long-cut snips work well for cutting notches at the edge of materials.

Bulldog-cut snips

Bulldog-cut snips tools have very short blades, allowing them to cut out notches or work on the trim. These tools offer good leverage when cutting, helping them to cut through seams and thicker materials. Bulldog-cut snips generally cut straight lines or short, shallow curves.

Utility-cut snips

Utility-cut snips are designed to cut lighter materials and are less tough than other snip tools. Using utility-cut snips, it is possible to make smooth straight cuts or slightly curved cuts. Lightweight and easy to use, these snips are perfect for cutting vinyl and cardboard.

Offset aviation snips

Offset aviation snips tools can be used for longer cuts. Pushing down extra materials, these snips offset waste by moving it down and away from the hand. These tools are a great choice for making longer cuts through rigid metal materials. 

Upright or right-angle snips

Upright or right-angle snips feature blades set at a sharp right angle. These tools can be used to make cuts from awkward angles that may otherwise be difficult to reach. These tools are best used for cutting lighter materials, allowing for reduced leverage. 

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