CS: GO Club Cases: The Best Alternative to Steam Market

New and old-school CS: GO players have their favorite weapons to play matchmaking. And when their standard designs become tiresome, the gamers start searching for the skins to decorate their guns and make the game more exciting. However, typical methods for getting skins, such as in-game box unpackaging or trading with others, provide low chances of getting favorite gun designs. That’s why club cases on online platforms are growing in popularity.

Club cases are custom skin sets that are different from ordinary boxes provided by Valve. Such specific item sets include combinations of items from several game collections and allow users to choose what designs they want to get more. The websites to unpackage such cases are developed by typical CS: GO players who wish to create convenient and fair algorithms for opening skins. So, let’s understand why the community widely uses such platforms.

Custom Cases on the Websites: Is There Any Profit?

Valve has never changed the case opening system since the first collections appeared in the game. The in-game boxes commonly include 1-2 covert and classified skins, 2-3 restricted ones, and the others are mil-spec. And the chances of dropping expensive items remain low through the years. Club cases have an alternative algorithm that provides many specific benefits for the players.

Visible Odds for Each Drop 

There are less than 1% odds of acquiring red-quality (covert) items or winning the jackpot (knives or gloves) if opening boxes in the game. The gamers have been spending money buying keys on the Steam market but usually got a military-special drop (more than 70% of unpackaging). However, the club case developers reveal the chances for each drop, aiming to acquire the reliability and trust of the audience. Indeed, there are higher chances of getting expensive things (the specific “Only Knives” cases provide a 100% probability of the knife’s drop).

Custom Events and Giveaways 

Besides ordinary case lotteries, the site developers always prepare specific contests and events with skin awards.

The most regular are the following:

  • weekly/monthly giveaways;
  • bonus system for getting free items;
  • coupons.

The regular customers of the CS: GO club case websites monitor the availability of the events and participate in them to acquire the desired items without paying (or with the bonus use).

Old Skins Upgrade 

The users can utilize their old and low-quality skins to get higher-level ones. The procedure requires choosing the desired item and the available skins from the inventory to trade. Then, the upgrade success chances become visible, which helps players analyze if it’ll bring profit.

Top 5 Types of Custom Collections

Each case opening site has specific cases created by the community, YouTubers, or the site owners. The most popular and efficient of them are the following:

  • Knives. The club case provides a 100% guaranteed drop of a knife. If the customer wishes to test his luck, he may open such boxes to get one of more than 15-20 designs.
  • Asiimov. The case includes all 5 skins of the famous collection (M4A4, P90, AWP, P250, AK-47).
  • AK-47. All famous skins such as “Neon Revolution,” “Frontside Misty,” “Redline,” “Aquamarine Revenge,” and others are available in the collection.
  • Covert. The players can get various red designs such as M4A1-S “Welcome to Jungle,” AWP “Gungnir,” P90 “Death by Kitty,” etc., in such a case.
  • Premium. The case includes luxury skins that usually cost more than $100 and usually guarantee to pay off the expenses for opening.

Everyone can choose the preferable collections with beautiful designs and unpackage them to acquire favorite items. Overall, players enjoy the online lottery with club cases because of the websites’ apparent benefits. So, everything required is choosing the CS: GO platform with favorite skin cases and testing luck by unpackaging them.

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