College vs. High School: Differences and Similarities

Many students can’t wait for the end of high school and the start of college. It is often associated with freedom, living without parents, new friends, and the start of adult life. Most people took control of their lives while they were students at college.

However, this isn’t an article about adult life. Today we want to discuss the differences and similarities between high school and college life. What can students expect from each of them? What are the main difficulties? Is college that hard? So let’s consider some aspects of a student’s life and find out all the details. 

Studying process

High school. Students spend about 6 hours daily or 30 hours per week in a class. The school year is 36 weeks, with a short break in the spring and a long one in the summer. You attend all the classes, have to be in school, and do your homework. 

College. Students spend 12 to 16 hours weekly in classes with breaks between them. Many classes can be in the evening. The academic year is split into two semesters, 15 weeks each and a week after each semester for exams. There is winter and spring break. You can create your schedule and choose which classes to learn. You are not obliged to visit classes. It is your responsibility. Most of your studying process is your homework. If you have any problems with your homework assignments, you can ask for help from professional essay writers.


Social life and lifestyle differ dramatically in high school and college.

At college, you will face new friends, parties, exams, a new routine, small budget. It is different from what it is in high school. 

High school. You have a strict schedule. You have to get up early and be at school on time. You live with your parents and know everyone in your class. It is enough to spend 2-4 hours a week studying at home.

College. In college, you meet many new people from various parts of the world. You can create your schedule and get up when you want to. You spend less time in class but must study harder at home. You can also visit any party without permission. 

Testing and exams

High school. You have a lot of small tests that cover the material. There are review sessions to learn the material better.

College. Testing is rare (2 or 3 per semester) and covers a lot of material. Students have to organize themselves and prepare for the rest. There is much more responsibility on a student.

Teachers and Professors

There is also a big difference between teachers and professors. You have to understand how to interact with our professor and how to find his office hours. 

High school. Teachers follow the books and try to motivate you. They give you all the material and want to help with your assignment.

College. Professors follow their books or academic works. They won’t tell you a word about attendance. It is your responsibility. They don’t want to motivate you. They treat you as a grown-up and expect your behavior to be like it. 


High school. Your grades are based on your ability to understand what you were taught in the form needed. You have to solve typical problems. Courses are structured, and your homework grades can improve your overall grades if test grades are low. 

College. High grades are based on your ability to use what you have learned from the course. You have to apply your knowledge to new situations and solve new types of problems. 


High school. Teachers will remind you about your responsibilities and guide you in setting priorities. Parents and teachers will inform you if your behavior is out of control. 

College. You are now responsible for your actions and the consequences of your decisions and lifestyle. You manage your budget, do laundry and live away from your parents.

So there are much more differences than similarities between college and high school. However, going to college is an exciting journey where you can learn a lot of new material, find new friends, and become an adult. 

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