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1. HotAppleNews is one of the few sites that does a great job of keeping its readers up-to-date with all the latest tech news, leaks, and rumors. The website has a clean design layout with bright colors and large photos to attract readers. Hotapplenews even provides an easy way for users to post comments on articles and interact with other visitors. You will only find Hotapplenews at the top of Google search results for “Apple News”. It still serves as a useful resource for many Apple users seeking a reliable source of news and information. As such, many Mac users will find the website especially helpful. To begin with, the homepage features a list of trending stories. You will find links to the top Apple news from major media outlets and bloggers. The top stories are selected based on popularity and relevance to Apple users.


Apple was around since 1984, but the company didn’t actually start making computers until around 1980. That said, MacTech has been serving the Apple community for 17 years now!

The website’s homepage consists of a few simple categories like News, Best Sellers and Tech Talk. The news section includes stories on the latest Apple releases, product announcements and recalls. Each news item is accompanied by a photo of the event and a quote from a company spokesperson.

The Best Sellers page lets you browse through the hottest items currently being sold online. Some of these products include iPhone accessories, iPhone cases, MacBook Air laptops, iPads and iPods. You can also get a sneak peek at some upcoming products.

3. Macworld 

This page is a lot older than the rest of the websites listed here, and you can tell. The Macworld website looks dated and old-fashioned. It is not very user-friendly. And while a lot of people are familiar with this particular brand, you might think twice before visiting the site.

There are no pictures on the homepage, and there is virtually no text. Instead, you will find a small graphic of a laptop and a headline that reads: “MacWorld brings you the latest news in computing.”

The news section, however, seems to work better than the homepage. Here, you will find regular news items that provide valuable insight into recent trends in the market for Apple accessories. You can also read about the latest software and hardware from the company as well.


CNET is an American-based website that focuses on providing the latest news and reviews about mobile phones, digital cameras, video game consoles, home theatre systems, tablets, wearables, and smartwatches. The page is divided into several distinct sections to help you navigate through the website easily.

Under the Headline menu, you will find a list of current trending stories in the world of technology. Next to this, you will see the top CNET editor’s picks from the previous week.

The next section is Home & Style. You can check out the latest deals and promotions at stores selling Apple products. There is also a section called Best of the Web where you can follow different websites and blogs that focus on Apple technology.

5. 9to5Google is a website focused solely on Apple news. It doesn’t get much attention because it is not as popular as its rivals. Still, it remains a good resource of news and information to help you stay ahead of the competition.

You will find a short paragraph introducing the website, followed by a brief description of the different sections. There are no graphics, images or animations to break the monotony of the page. Instead, you will just find a series of links to different news sources.

The tool collects information from hundreds of news sources and displays them in one handy summary. It makes it easier for you to decide which ones you should bookmark.

Also, there is a section where you can find tips and tricks on using certain Apple technologies. For example, you can learn how to connect your iPhone to your car stereo.

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