Best Affordable Summer Internships For College Students

If you’re a college student on a budget, you can find several affordable internships for summer. This article discusses paid internships at Adobe, the U.S. embassy overseas, and the Comptroller’s office. If you’re an average city kid looking to make money this summer, you might want to consider a paid internship in computer science or design. These internships are available for both college students and recent graduates.

Online Computer Science internships

Aspiring software engineers can get valuable experience by doing internships. These are associated with specific classes, off-campus businesses, summer jobs, or even trips abroad. Many software companies are looking for qualified candidates for internships. They know that a candidate’s skills can make the difference between an offer and a rejection. These internships can help students sharpen their skills while demonstrating their desire to succeed in their field.

Google is a company that has revolutionized the way we use the Internet. Interns in the company may work on software engineering, product management, or user experience. Google also has a BOLD program for underrepresented students. Once upon a time, the educational platform studycrumb.com, also had an internship there. Applicants can apply online, and candidates should practice coding interviews to land an internship. Exxon Mobil is an international oil and gas corporation that has a number of internships in the United States.

Paid summer internships at the Comptroller’s Office

For students seeking paid summer internships in New York, the Comptroller’s Office is offering an excellent opportunity. Interns work with the State Government Accountability Division in the Field Audit Unit and will earn $15 per hour. Interns should send a cover letter and resume to the contact below. Include the subject line, “Field Audit Unit Internship.”

Pay is competitive and benefits are excellent. Students with a background in accounting or other related field may be considered for this internship. Interns must be USA citizens and degree-seeking. Interns must complete a background check and drug test. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is seeking students with specific majors. If you have an interest in these areas, check out the Comptroller’s Office internships and apply today!

For a competitive internship, an undergraduate student can apply for a paid summer position with the NYS Comptroller’s Office. Interns can earn college credit while working in a city government position and can find student housing while working. Applying to a paid summer internship is easy! Simply visit the website below for more information. After reading the website and reviewing the job description, begin the application process. If you are successful, the host office will contact you to determine whether you meet the qualifications.

Paid summer internships at the U.S. embassy abroad

There are two paid summer internships at the U.S. embassy abroad available for students. These programs offer undergraduate students the chance to get hands-on experience in the field of international affairs. The internships are not full-time positions and do not offer compensation or employment rights. However, students who participate in these programs may be eligible to apply for internships with other federal agencies. There are other internships for students to consider, including the Foreign National Student Internship Program (FNSIP).

The Summer I program is an intensive two-year tunai4d program for undergraduate students who are interested in foreign policy and international affairs. This program includes training in the fundamentals of foreign service and a multiple-week posting in an American embassy abroad. The program requires students to complete coursework in their field and gain experience in foreign affairs. The internship is not for students who plan to attend law school or graduate school.

Paid summer internships at Adobe

A recent Glassdoor survey of more than 7,000 past Adobe interns found that 99 percent would recommend the company to a friend. They loved the great working environment and the positive culture of the company. In addition to great benefits, Adobe internships also offer opportunities to advance your career. One former intern commended the positive atmosphere and kindness of the coworkers. While there were no major drawbacks, some projects took longer than expected. By the way, a couple of employees from the training platform studybounty.com completed an internship at Adobe and were very satisfied.

The average pay for an Adobe intern is $33 per hour. The pay varies depending on the department, location and job description, but you can expect to make around that much in an eight-week internship. In order to apply for an internship at Adobe, you must create an account in the company’s Career Opportunities website. You must have a college degree and have demonstrated academic excellence to be considered for an internship. The application process requires a portfolio and a cover letter.

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