Be the Villain: Five Killer Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Hiring mistakes can have serious consequences for your company. Unqualified employees often cause you to fail and derail the entire company. Business success is determined by the right people in the right place. With effective employees, you have a real chance of achieving a competitive advantage and optimizing the return on human capital. What to do to find the right people?

Complete a job profile

Before hiring a person, it is necessary to describe what functionality he/she should perform, what short-term and long-term tasks the new employee will face, what results, and in what timeframe you expect. It is vital to determine what competencies and personal qualities the candidate needs to complete the tasks.

A common mistake in hiring is the lack of a clear understanding of what exactly the employee should do. A problem may arise here: you hired a person and paid money, but there is no result. As a result, disappointment in the employee, the budget is spent, the goal is not achieved. To prevent the occurrence of such a problem, always clearly formulate the functions, the tasks that the new employee will face, and what results you will expect during the trial period.

Study the labor market and take advantage of PEO

It is critical to assess the possibilities of your budget adequately and the desired qualifications of the staff. Experienced specialists are always more expensive than beginners, and the salaries of highly qualified personnel and managers are much higher. If you understand that high qualifications are required to complete the tasks assigned to a new employee, be prepared to pay higher.

The terms of payment are discussed at the final interview and are written in the job offer. It is necessary to fix the agreements on payment for a trial period and clearly describe in what way the employee will come with the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

PEO will help you a lot to hire remote workers. For smaller companies, the idea of hiring a PEO can be particularly attractive, but even medium-sized companies may find it an attractive business proposition, especially when you consider not just salary, but the upfront costs for HR staff, as well as space for them to work, plus additional legal fees in various states to qualify.

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Prepare for the interview

Prepare to interview the candidate. Think about the questions that you want to ask each candidate. The right interview questions are the topic of a separate article. Enough information can be found on the Internet and in books. The main rules of interview questions are to ask more open questions and understand why you are asking each question, and what you want to find out about it. Listen and engage in dialogue with the candidate.

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Collect recommendations

To get reliable information, contact the candidate’s managers and directors of companies directly. Ask specific questions. Ask about results. Do not listen to beautiful words or a good/negative attitude towards a person, where there is no specificity and a clear rationale for the effectiveness of the candidate’s work. Positive or negative feedback should not be decisive when choosing an employee. This is an additional source of information whose data must also be analyzed.

Present the company and make it attractive

How you can present your company and position depends on whether the candidate you have chosen will accept your offer or not. You have to sell your company to every person you meet, whether they come to you today or one year from now. Tell information about the company, goals, and prospects. Explain what duties the candidate will perform upon arrival, what results you expect in the short and long term, and what prospects await him or her specifically while working in your company. If there are obvious problems, don’t hide them. Explain how you solve them. Be honest with the candidate.

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Hiring effective staff in a company is not easy, but a critical and priority process. You can learn it endlessly and it is never too late to start. You will probably hire more either than one or two employees who will be ineffective or for some reason not fit into your company until you learn how to select from the top ten.

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