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At what stage is it okay to hire a maid?

When most people think of someone with a house cleaner, images are conjured up of a wealthy bachelor or high-status family that are too busy or ego-centric to clean up their own mess. The reality now though is that hiring domestic services like this for your own home is becoming more accepted within normal society. You may still be seen as a little lazy, but it depends on your lifestyle and the service you are hiring. Of course, you could also keep it to yourself, and let people think you are just brilliant at keeping your house spotless and living a busy lifestyle simultaneously. Below are some things to consider in your justification for getting a little help at home.


Depending on where you live, and your earnings, you may not be able to afford the help of a professional domestic service. For example, rooms to rent in London are already very pricey, and you will need to consider if you can squeeze for the extra cash. Depending on the quality of the service, you may be looking at £13 per hour minimum to have your home cleaned.

Your living situation

If you live with other people, will you be asking them to contribute or will you be willing to pay for the communal areas to be cleaned too? Will they want a service like this to have access to the house? You will need to have these conversations with the people you live with, and make sure that they are happy with it and willing to allow it. A roommate could easily choose to not open the door or make it difficult for a cleaning service to do their job if they wanted to.

Your schedule

If you are being truly honest with yourself, is a domestic cleaning service necessary for you? Is your schedule so hectic that you cannot make the time to keep your home clean and tidy, or do you simply not have the patience for it? Both reasons are okay, but one may be a better justification to others than the other. Many people do genuinely need a housekeeper because they work a lot, travel unexpectedly and often or maybe have other responsibilities that take priority.

Do you have any secrets?

Something that should possibly be considered, is whether you are confident enough to show a stranger the most sacred spaces of your home. Of course, you could have a cleaner only tidy the lounge space, but generally if you are going to pay for this service, it is better to let them do the whole house. Will they come across anything you do not want them, or maybe anyone, to see? Perhaps think about if you can handle looking them in the eye before you start the service.

Overall, you can get away with having a domestic service without looking too privileged but there are some things to consider before you get too excited signing contracts and starting the service.

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