5 rich Indian celebrities who don’t overspend

Large incomes often lead to the fact that a person begins to spend the funds received uncontrollably. As a result, there are many stories of how famous actors, performers, or entrepreneurs lost their capital because of their love of a luxurious life. Indian celebrities are also often intemperate in their needs, but this practice has become less and less common in recent years.

Shah Rukh Khan – $750 million

If you have to name one of the most famous actors in Bollywood, then Shah Rukh Khan will be one. The last film with the actor “Pathan” brought him a fee of 13 million dollars. To date, the actor has starred in approximately 108 different films. At the same time, he does not at all seek to end his film career. The actor has managed to amass a net worth of $750 million through skillful investing. He is also a partner of the well-known Hyundai company. Diversifying expenses, the actor also opened his own production company, Red Chillies Entertainment. It is also worth noting profitable contracts from the following well-known brands:

  • Dubai Tourism;
  • Ambani’s Reliance Jio;
  • Tata Group’s.

In second place in terms of fame among Bollywood actors is Amitabh Bachchan, who starred in dozens of films. The actor exchanged his seventh decade, which does not prevent him from successfully acting in box office hits today. Among the latest works can be noted “Bandits of Hindustan” and “Peak”. Also, the actor often starred in films by Hollywood directors, a prime example of which is The Great Gatsby. The actor distributed his capital for 400 million dollars among several directions. He owns shares in companies such as Just Dial and Stampede Capital. To take their minds off the daily grind, many Indian celebrities use Diwali dice games, which are especially popular in the peninsula. You can place bets and test your luck in the game of dice at every opportunity. Mobile betting platforms make such entertainment easily accessible to a wide audience. You don’t even need to leave your own apartment to place a bet today.

Salman Khan – $260 million

Continuing to look at the careers of successful Bollywood actors who have not squandered their capital on trifles, it is worth noting the actor Salman Khan. The latter is most often filmed in romantic comedies, as well as action films. Among his most famous works, it is worth noting “Wanted” and “Dabang”. As noted in one of the ratings of Indian tabloids, in 2017 alone, the actor received about 40 million dollars, and the main income is brought to him not by filming, but by the correct investment of capital. Salman Khan is the owner of the production company Salman Khan Films, which regularly produces successful films for consumers in the Asian market.

Akshay Kumar – $250 million

Quite a bit inferior in terms of his capital is Akshay Kumar, who has a fortune of $ 250 million. According to Forbes, he is the only actor on the list of the top 200 highest-paid actors in the world for 2021. He even made headlines last year when he received US$15 million per film, which is a very large amount for the Indian film market. Akshay Kumar is currently the highest-paid actor in the region. The actor formed a significant part of his capital through participation in advertising campaigns for various products, ranging from multivitamins to toilet cleaners.

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