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5 Easy Steps to Make a YouTube Outro

The outro of your YouTube video is just as important as your intro. You can be very eloquent throughout the video, but it will always fall short of perfection if you fail to give the final touch that it deserves. But don’t worry! We are going to list five easy steps to make an outro video for YouTube. Following these five key points, you can give a perfect ending to your YouTube videos and make them better than how they would’ve been otherwise. 

YouTube has a massive audience with over 6 million hours of videos watched every month. Consider the amount of watch time people spend on YouTube. Every minute of YouTube video increases the watch time on your channel. Adding an outro of considerable duration can increase the total watch time on your video and thereby extend your audience reach as well. 

So what is an outro video? An outro video is also called an ‘end screen‘ or ‘end card’ and is the finishing part of your video that stays for some seconds before a new video starts. People use this part of the video in various ways. You could give a glimpse of your channel to the new audiences by adding one or two of your best videos on the end screen. You could also add a link to a friend’s channel or any other channel that you would like to suggest to your viewers. 

Generally, end screens are accompanied by a subscription button, which helps in bagging instant subscriptions. These end screens usually last for 5-20 seconds, and therefore many people like to put highlights of their playlists, which helps keep the audience engaged until the very last moment. You can also put your favourite YouTube videos or videos, which can increase your watch time as well as your views. Apart from adding these, you can add some doodles to make it look attractive and catchy.  

End screens can be readily used to earn more followers on your various other accounts on different social media platforms. If you want to expand your audiences on your various social media accounts, you can put your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles on the end screen. This will increase your overall interaction with your audience. Additionally, if you have a website, you can display the link of your website and improve its overall public interaction. 

Preparatory Points to Keep in Mind:

Now that you have an idea of what a YouTube outro is and how it works let us see some preliminary points to keep in mind before you start creating the YouTube outro. 

Keep it concise  

Do not proliferate the end screen with various elements; keep it clean. Using a few relevant elements or unnecessarily displaying multiple elements can end up confusing the audience. Instead of engaging the audience, too many elements could make the viewers dislike your video, so it’s important to keep the outro relevant and concise.

Be purposeful

Have a fixed end in mind while using any app to create an end screen for your YouTube. When you have a goal in mind, you will be specific about the elements to be used in the end screen. Otherwise, without a fixed goal, you might end up adding irrelevant things.

Be uniform with details   

The details used in the end screen should all be uniform; the logo, the design, the effects, the colours, and the background music should all be complementary, not contradictory or inconsistent. Let us now proceed to the main topic at hand.  

Five Easy Steps to Make YouTube Outros 

Step 1– Choose an appropriate outro maker which can work efficiently and let you have the best set of tools to design your screen ending or outro. Make sure beforehand that the app satisfies all the criteria and conditions.

The features like layout, borders, music, footage, etc., should be readily available in the app; it should also be the least time taking kind available. You would not want to exhaust yourself dealing with the intricacies of the app.; therefore, choose an app that is free from unnecessary complications. 

Step 2– Once you have got the app, open it and start customising your desired YouTube outro template. If you want to get it done quickly, you can simply Google some websites which provide the best templates for free, download those templates, upload them on your app and start customising.

These websites have over 50+ templates with multiple options to choose from. You can go for music templates, food templates, gaming outro templates, and many more.  

Step 3– If you don’t have any outro maker app, you can start customising the template on the website itself. Go with the default size of the screen, which is generally (16:9). this goes well with YouTube videos.

If you have Reels in mind, you may try either square or vertical. Follow it by adding the title to your template and managing the template frame size accordingly. You can edit the background colours and designs according to the theme of the video.  

Step 4 – Start inserting the placeholders after the background is determined. The placeholders must be used at the right place and time. Else, other elements might get covered up.

You can change the shapes of the placements accordingly. After the template is ready, you need to save it in MP4 format. The template can be used time and again. It just needs to be dragged onto the app/website, and a few changes can be made as required. 

Step 5 – Now, after these steps, the last step is to merge that outro template into your YouTube video. Add the required elements. As mentioned already, you can add a subscription option, your playlist, music, or link to your other social media accounts.  


If you follow these quick steps, you can make a great outro for YouTube, which would surely get you more engagement from the audiences, and you can bag some valuable watch times.

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