15 Ways to Catch Readers’ Attention with Feather Banners

You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention as they drive or walk past your business. Make sure you’re making the most of this valuable real estate with a feather banner!

Here are the 15 Ways to Catch Readers’ Attention with Feather Banners:

1. Use bright colors:

Combining two or more eye-catching colors is a great way to get people to look at your feather banner. Some combination ideas include red and yellow, orange and green, or purple and pink.

2. Incorporate an image:

People are drawn to images, so consider incorporating one into your feather banner design. Just make sure it’s relevant to your business or message.

3. Use large text:

The larger the text on your feather banner, the easier it will be for people to read from a distance. Just make sure not to overcrowd the design.

4. Use a slogan or tagline:

A short, catchy phrase can be an effective way to get people to remember your business.

5. Keep it simple:

In general, simpler designs are more effective than busy ones. Use clean lines and easy-to-read fonts for the best results.

6. Make it relevant:

Your feather banner should be relevant to your business or product. Don’t try to cram too much information into the design – focus on one key message.

7. Use contrasting colors:

Using colors that contrast with each other will make your banner more visible and easier to read. For example, black text on a white background is easier to read than white text on a black background.

8. Use positive words:

People are more likely to respond positively to words like “free,” “sale,” or “new.” Avoid negative words like “don’t” or “stop.”

9. Highlight what makes you unique:

What makes your business different from the competition? Focus on that in your feather banner design to make it stand out.

10. Be creative:

There’s no rule that says your feather banner has to be boring! Get creative with the design and try something unique.

11. A-frame banners:

Another option for catching people’s attention is an A-frame banner. These are double-sided banners that stand on their own, making them perfect for busy sidewalks or streets.

12. Window clings:

Window clings are a great way to grab attention if you have a storefront. They can be placed on the inside or outside of your windows and are easy to remove when you need to change up your design.

13. Flags:

Flags are another type of banner that can be used to grab attention. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your space and needs.

14. Hanging banners:

Hanging banners are a good option if you have high ceilings or exposed beams. They’re also great for drawing attention to specific areas of your store or office.

15. Tabletop banners:

Tabletop banners are perfect for trade shows or events. They’re easy to set up and take down, and they can be used over and over again.


1. How often should I change my feather banner design?

You might need to change your design more frequently if you’re in a high-traffic area or if your business is seasonal. For most businesses, changing the design once or twice a year should be sufficient.

2. Can I use more than one feather banner at a time?

Yes! In fact, using multiple banners can be a great way to draw attention to your business from different angles.

3. What if I don’t have a lot of space for a banner?

There are plenty of smaller options available, such as window clings and tabletop banners. You can also consider using a hanging banner if you have high ceilings.

4. Can I use a feather banner indoors?

Yes, you can use a feather banner indoors as long as the space is well-lit. Avoid using them in dim or dark areas, as this will make it difficult for people to read the banner.


Feather banners are a great way to grab attention and promote your business. When designing your banner, keep the following tips in mind: use large text, keep it simple, use contrasting colors, and focus on one key message. Be creative and have fun with the design! And if you’re short on space, there are plenty of smaller options available, such as window clings and tabletop banners.


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