10 Online Courses to Learn to Speak British English Online

The English language has about 160 different dialects around the world. Among all of them, British English is the most prestigious accent. It is also known as pure English. For this reason, most publishers use it on books and documents. So, everyone should learn British English because of its global acceptability.You can learn British English with an online English tutor on AmazingTalker. 

When it comes to learning English, people often ask whether they should learn British or American English. To tell the truth, there are no major differences between them except for the variety in vocabulary and pronunciation. The grammatical structure of both English is nearly the same.

You can take a British English course to learn its pure accent and pronunciation. However, if you lack time, you can learn British English with an online English tutor on AmazingTalker. You can also find French tutors here!

Let’s learn about the ten online courses that will help you speak British English. 

1. AmazingTalker

Regular price: $9.24 for 1 lesson

Key Features:

  • Dynamic and useful resources
  • Face to face conversational learning
  • Customized lesson plan


AmazingTalker has designed this course focusing on British English conversation. It is suitable for learners who want to build confidence while talking. You can also personalize the lessons for easy learning. 

2. British Council

Regular price: $59.43 per month for the Silver plan

Key Features:

  • Group and private classes
  • Advanced learning materials
  • Certification after the course completion


It is a prosperous online British English course to master your speaking, reading, and listening skills. After ending the course, you will noticeably improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

3. Udemy

Regular price: $84.99 for the complete course

Key Features:

  • Basic to advanced speaking techniques
  • Native phrases and vocabulary
  • Listening skill development


This course is suitable for beginners who want to improve their British English speaking and listening skills gradually. You will learn many native phrases and their appropriate usage. 

4. Preply

Regular price: $20 per hour

Key Features:

  • Conversational learning
  • Essential vocabulary for speaking
  • Communication skill development


If you already know British English, but need more fluency and accuracy while speaking, this course is ideal for you. Moreover, it will enrich your vocabulary and improve your communication skills concurrently. 

5. LearnDirect

Regular price: $43.22 per month

Key Features:

  • Communication skill development
  • Advanced reading and writing techniques
  • No exam


This British English language course will immensely improve your reading, writing, and communication skills. LearnDirect has designed it for people who want to develop their presentation skills for business and work purposes.

6. Future Learn

Regular price: $27.99 per month

Key Features:

  • Exploring popular British cultures
  • Listening skill development
  • Authentic learning materials


It is an advanced British English course for non-native English speakers. The course will not only develop your language skill but also introduce you to British culture.

7. Rosetta Stone

Regular price: $35.97 for 3 months

Key Features:

  • Goal-oriented learning
  • bite-sized lessons for personalized learning
  • Automatic pronunciation tracker


This course will let you learn British English at your own pace. It will help a lot to correct your pronunciation and learn English using modern language learning methods.

8. Lingoda

Regular price: $52.78 for 4 classes a month

Key Features:

  • Group classes to practice speaking
  • Customized class schedule
  • Lessons for beginners to experts


Lingoda conducts group classes so that you can practice speaking British English fluently. Its lessons are for all levels of students who want to learn spoken English.

9. English Like a Native

Regular price: $479 for lifetime access

Key Features:

  • Interesting and interactive learning
  • No complicated grammar
  • Real-world conversations


This course lets you learn British English like a child where you don’t have to memorize vocabulary and grammar structure. It is an effective course to improve your speaking fluency.

10. British Accent Academy

Regular price: $186 for the complete course

Key Features:

  • Advanced pronunciation learning
  • Ear and speech muscles training
  • Variety of courses


If you are interested in learning standard Southern British English pronunciation, this course will be very effective. It will also impact your career positively since you will learn a pure British accent.

Final thoughts

So, the importance of learning British English is unavoidable due to its large number of speakers. Though many want to learn it, lack of time and incompatibility of course schedule are common causes that disappoint learners. Online courses are a blessing for us since we can join one and learn a language on the spot.

AmazingTalker is an outstanding platform to learn a language with incredible flexibility. You will find several British tutors who will help you learn to speak standard British English even at your convenient time.

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